Greeniche Rewards

Greeniche Points-Based Rewards System is simple; every product you buy, you earn bonus points, which translates into a dollar value that can be redeemed as discounts. So more products you purchase more bonus points you can earn. Welcome to Greeniche!

How does it works?

  • Create your profile here
  • Earn points by making purchases. The points you earn will show automatically in your profile
  • Earn bonus points by availing special offers
  • Redeem points as discounts towards purchases, or redeem whenever you wish to obtain fabulous prizes

Start Accumulating Points Now

  • When you create your profile, your account is credited with 250 Welcome Bonus Points.
  • Each product you order carries bonus points. You can see these points on each product page and these are accumulated when you check out.
  • You get an option of redeeming points whenever you make a purchase, or simply let them accumulate for future redemption with greater value.

Redeem Points

  • Simply redeem points when you order online. e.g. if you have 50 points and you make a purchase amounting to $25, you can redeem your 50 points to get a $2.50 discount