Annu Gaidhu’s Yoga

At Greeniche Natural Health we believe passion is a key that unlocks the secrets of a healthy mind and body. It is important to understand that mental health is as crucial as physical health. At Greeniche Natural Health we care for both. Exercising, yoga, keeping a healthy diet and promoting fitness regimes etc are the areas in which Greeniche has invested great care, thought and energy to provide its loyal customers the best. Serving you, making you healthier, fit and happy, for us is our biggest passion. We intend to touch your lives and pave a healthier lifestyle for you all.
On this International Yoga Day, watch Annu Gaidhu sharing her “Passion for Life-Yoga”. We want to know what your passion is. Be an inspiration to someone today. You can share your passion for life as a short video with us by emailing to: We may feature your video in our next exclusive Passion for Life Series! Let the world know your passion story.

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